NM-AIST is currently offering Master's and PhD degrees in eight science and engineering areas, namely: Life Sciences (LiSe), Bio-Engineering (BioE), Mathematical and Computer Science and Engineering (MCSE), Information and Communication Science and Engineering (ICSE), Materials Science and Engineering (MaSE), Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (HWRE), Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE), Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (SESE) and Environmental Management Information System (EMIS). Also NM-AIST in collaboration with Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), offers a Master ofScience degree in Public Health Research (PHR). Business Studies and Humanities (BuSH) constitute common core courses which are compulsory for all students. The common core courses are designed to enable the students to develop attributes necessary for them to excel in academic andindustry management and leadership that befits today's knowledge society.

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