Registration of candidates doing Master's and/or PhD by Coursework and Dissertation is in two stages. A candidate meeting the minimum entry requirements is granted Stage I Registration, and may proceed to do coursework and develop his/her research proposal. Upon successful completion of coursework, including approval of the research proposal in accordance with prevailing NM-AIST Guidelines, the candidate is granted Stage II registration and hence may proceed with his/her research part of the studies. A candidate may be required to do some courses to bridge identified deficiencies to enable him/her qualify for Stage II or Full Registration. Registrations of candidates doing Master's and /or PhD by Thesis are in one stage.

The basic accounting period for training at NM-AIST is an academic year. The academic year is divided into two (2) semesters. For Master's and PhD by coursework and dissertation, 15 weeks of semester one and two are dedicated to teaching and learning while for Master's and PhD by thesis, 21 weeks of semester one is for development of research proposals and some common courses.

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