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Prof. Revocatus Lazaro Machunda has  an education background in Chemistry and Applied Microbiology. He has over 16 years’ experience working as an academic staff at higher Institution of learning (Previously worked with SUA and currently working with NM-AIST). His research interest lies in the areas of water purification (the chemistry and microbial aspects) and renewable energy (BIOGAS which is mainly the microbial aspects) science and their application by communities.

He has also a significant research track in Sanitation and Hygiene, mostly working on mapping of sanitation for communities, resource recovery from fecal sludge and recycling. He has also worked on community water intake treatment especially for turbidity removal using inclined plate settlers (treatment without using chemicals), a technology suitable for rural areas. His major current research is on removing fluoride from water supplies in Northern Tanzania and their consequent microbial load reduction by using nanomaterials. He has been teaching in the areas of environmental chemistry, environmental degradation of materials and environmental toxicology and Instrumentation.

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