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Dr. Linus Munishi is a conservation biologist whose research interests integrate several aspects including Ecology, Conservation biology, invasive species and restoration ecology,agro-ecology, climate change and aspects in environment and sustainable development. He is currently serving as a Lead Author, Chapter 3, UN IPBES Global Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Assessment.Dr Munishi has a wide range of research work in Conservation and Restoration Ecology, Invasive Plants.His core training is in ecology, evolutionary ecology and conservation biology, and but for over the past 8 years,

he has developed capacity in interdisciplinary research development whose output is very much influencing policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally. One such piece of his work output has developed nature-based solutions for managing invasive species in critical ecosystems. This nature-based invasive species management solutions have been the first evidence-based initiatives to be tested in protected (Ngorongoro Conservation) areas in Tanzania and their benefits among others are to control invasive species while restoring the invaded areas in order to improve ecosystem services and sustainable community livelihoods.

Key Skills and Competencies

Restoration Ecology, Ecology and Evolution, Population genetics, Conservation Biology, Biostatistics, Landscape Ecology, Geochemistry, Stable Isotope Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Impact Assessment, Interdisciplinary Research in Science-Policy interphase, Integrative biology, Sustainability Science, Ecosystem Services, Socio-Agro-Ecological Systems, Applied Ecology, and Climate Change.

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