Our school

The focus in this Office is to build the profile of the Nelson Mandela-AIST within and outside the university in research and teaching through:

  1. Cooperation:
    • Defining focus countries within East Africa, AISTs Network and other specific regions
    • Establish “strategic partnerships” with chosen universities
    • Maintain and Extend contracts with foreign institutions
    • New agreements will only be signed if there is a REAL interest in co-operation (department – faculty – university level)
    • Management of contracts and relations with various partners
  2. Outgoings:
    • Campaign to promote study abroad programs for NM-AIST students
    • Promote researchers undertake joint research projects with abroad universities
  3. Internationalisation at home:
    • Internationalisation of curriculum
    • Improvement of both research facilities and environment at international level
  4. Incomings:
    • mproving and further expanding the service for international students and researchers
    • Building internal structures and changing the mind set: Working together with the faculties and central facilities
  5. Marketing and fairs:
    • Participating in International higher education fairs (together with IUCEA universities and other regional collaborators)
  6. Promoting exchange programs
    • Students
    • Staff

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