The NM-AIST which is Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) accredited is being developed to be a world-class research intensive institution for graduate and post-graduate research and learning in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI). With the motto “Academia for Society and Industry”, the NM-AIST is striving to avoid the traditional social divide between academia on one hand and society and industry on the other. Both the training and research at the NM-AIST emphasize responsiveness to the needs and problems of the society and industry. Technically therefore the NM- AIST is seeking to develop itself into a tranformative research university with some notable pillers, namely;- • Teaching and Learning, • Research and Innovation, • Technology Transfer and • Societal Transformation and Co-creation.

The mission of the NM-AIST is strongly focused on the need to efficiently and effectively provide external stakeholders with relevant public services and maitain linkages with industry to enhance innovativeness and competititveness of the her products and services. This is aimed at making sure that the teaching and learning; research and innovation and public service programs of the institution create impact on the national and regional economis development. The NM-AIST is thus committed to contribute to the transformation and co-creation of the society and local industry through proactive engagements. These engagements are focused on nurturing the academia- sosiety and industry relationships. They are further positioned to create foundation for enterpreneurial investments that will financially facilitate the growth and development of the NM-AIST.


In addition to the NM-AIST’s core mandate of producing value-added human capital in the form of top-notch Sience, Engineering and Technology academics; competent researchers; techno-preneurs; industry captions; innovation managers; and innovations for wealth creation; various services are being provided to meet the needs of both institutional partners and the public in general. The services include mainly events’hosting, accommodation and laboratory services. They are charged a fee based on the cost of materials and activities involved in the delivery of the target services The rates are arequoted in TZS, but non-residents will pay the USD equivalent based on the exchange rate of the day.

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