The Deputy Minister of Livestock and Fisheries of Tanzania, Hon. Abdalah Hamis Ulega and the Regional Commissioner of Arusha, Hon. Mrisho Gambo, exchanging some words with the Vice Chancellor of the NM-AIST, Prof. Emmanuel J. Luoga awarding him a trophy and certificate as recognition of the NM-AIST as overall winner in the category of Higher Learning Institutions which participated in the 26 Nanenane Exhibitions for Northern Zone 2019.

Our Graduate, Dr. Never Zekeya and Faculty Member, Dr. Askwar Hilonga were declared winners of “Mashindano ya Sayansi, Teknolojia na Ubunifu (MAKISATU)" in the categories of Higher learning Institutions and Research and Development for a biopestside for pest control (Kanitangaze) and the Low cost drinking water filter that uses nano-technology,  respectively, in Dodoma, March 7, 2019. A cheque worth 4million was handled to each.

A Faculty member of NM-AIST, Dr Askwar Hilonga was declared

a winner of  a WHO  prize under the United Arab Emirates

Health Foundation Prize 2019, for his promising drinking Water filter which uses Nano Technology, He was recognized during the  meeting which was  attended by a delegation led by the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Faustine Ndungulile in Geneva Switzerland on May 23, 2019. Dr Hilonga’s award makes a total of 9 awards on the same. He is the winner of 8 reputable awards, including Pitch@Palace Global, Pitch@Palace Africa, and the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2015, Sponsored by the British Royal Academy of Engineering 

Our PhD candidate, Mr. Hudson Laizer was announced among the 7Winners of the WFP and  Data for Local, Impact Challenge (DLi) 5th window (Zero Hunger Zero AIDS), on 28th March 2019, for his MobileApp called “Lishe Yetu” which will help mothers/lactating, children and those living with HIV/AIDS to get nutritional advices based on locally available foods and the seasons of the year (Dry and Rain seasons). He was pronounced to receive 25000USD for implementing the project in Dar Es Salaam on 28 March 2019.

International Research and Practitioners Network on Irrigation and Agricultural Development in Africa organized by NM-AIST through the Centre of Excellence in Water Infrastructures and Sustainable Energy (WISE-Futures) March 15-16, 2019.

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