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Regional Commissioner for Mara, Hon. Adam Malima visited our booth at Nanenane grounds today August 7 of 2020 and had an opportunity to see a Vuruga Biopestside that controls tuta absoluta which affects tomato, maize and cotton plants. Hon. Malina was also to see our Nutritional Supplement formulation specifically for children, lactating mothers and that of elders. Same and more products are also at Themi grounds of Northern zone Nanenane shows.

Dr. Sun Zhiyuan from Zhejiang Normal University of China paying a Courtesy Call to the Vice Chancellor's Office as part of preparations of the Pedagogy training to Lecturers on November 22nd 2018. He was Hosted by the DVC for Academic Research and Innovation of the NM-AIST, Prof. Anthony Mshandete, seated ant the front and chairing the brief meeting, and the DVC for Planning, Finance and Administration, Prof. Charles Lugomela( 3rd Left)

For the second time, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST participated in the National Competition of Science, Technology and Innovation (Mashindano ya Kitaifa ya Sayansi, Teknolojia na Ubunifu, MAKISATU) competitions organised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Tanzania.

It’s incredible that in the category of Higher Learning Institutions, The NM-AIST scored all the three positions. The 1st award went to Ms. Cecilia China. Her innovation on technology of using organic compounds from local plants for processing leather and was given TZS 5,000,000.

Ms. Winisia Makirita, a first runner up in the category of HLIs showcasing her Innovation during MAKISATU event from June 16-19, 2020
Ms. Christina Charles, a second runner up of MAKISATU awards in the category of HLIs showcasing her innovation during the MAKISATU event

The 2nd award went to Ms. Winisia Makirita, she was recognised for her Bio Pesticide formulation for management of all armyworm and other Lepidoptera pest of maize plants, The two winners are PhD candidates in the School of Life Sciences and Bio Engineering (LiSBE) specializing in Bio Diversity and Ecosystem Management.

The 3rd Award went to Ms. Christina Charles in same school, specializing in Food and Nutritional Sciences. Ms. Christina was recognised for her innovation of a nutritional Supplement called Omega -3DHA Super food that promotes brain development to a mother and a child.

This year more than 400 innovators participated in MAKISATU, from various sectors including Higher Learning, Informal sector, intermediate colleges, Research and Development Institutions.

Campus tour after discussions on areas of collaboration between the NM-AIST, Arusha and Nelson Mandela Metropolitian University of South Africa on November 9th , 2018. The VC of the NM-AIST, Prof. Emmanuel J. Luoga (1st Left) Dr. Nico Jooste, Senior Director of the Office of International Education (2nd Right) Director for Academic Administration Mr. Thomas Kungune, (2nd left) and The DVC for Planning, Finance and Administration at the NM-AIST, Prof. Charles Lugomela (1st Right).

Our Graduate, Dr. Never Zekeya and Faculty Member, Dr. Askwar Hilonga were declared winners of “Mashindano ya Sayansi, Teknolojia na Ubunifu (MAKISATU)" in the categories of Higher learning Institutions and Research and Development for a biopestside for pest control (Kanitangaze) and the Low cost drinking water filter that uses nano-technology,  respectively, in Dodoma, March 7, 2019. A cheque worth 4million was handled to each.

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