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The DVC-ARI Prof. Anthony Mshandete opened the Final Business Plan competition at NM-AIST.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Research and Innovation Professor Anthony Mshandete has called on researchers and scholars to compete their research and innovations so that they can become competitive products and services for the East African Community (EAC) market.

Professor Mshandete said this on March 3, 2023 in Arusha when he opened the Final Business Plan competition involving four groups of students and researchers within the Institution. The competition was coordinated by School of Business Studies and Humanities (BuSH) under the sponsorship of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) and The Washington State University of the United States.

"This competition is important in motivating researchers and institutions to produce research that meets the standards that will enter into the market to empower young people and compete in the East African market” said Professor Mshandete.

He added that the participants should use this opportunity, in providing researches that bring positive results into solving the different challenges facing the society.

Privanus Katinhila one of the Judges has congratulated the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology for coordinating the competition in the industry, business and investment and urge the businessmen of Arusha City, to use the Institution as a platform to learn and grab various opportunities available including research and innovation to improve their quality and add value of their products.

The first winners in this competition are Clarence Rubaka, Happiness Mkumbo, Angela Aluko, and Kelvin Makuki with a commercial idea for integrated narophotonics for tb detection and elimination, who won a prize of three million shillings and got an opportunity to a two-week training at Washington State University in the United States. The second winner got two million shillings, and the third winner got one million shillings.

On 16th February ,2023 The Nelson Mandela African of Institution and Technology was visited by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras for discussion on possible areas of collaborations.

During the discussion which took place at ACE II Boardroom Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic,Research and Innovation Prof. Anthony Mshandete discussed areas for possible collaboration between the two parties which are incubation, internationalization, entrepreneurship ecosystem , exchange program and online learning.

On the other side, Dean of School of Business Studies and Humanities (BuSH) Dr. Liliane Pasape presented on the historical background of the Institution and 5D training model approach used by the institution to achieve social economic transiformations.

Delegates from India Institution of Technology Madraswere explained the possibility of scholars exchange between institutions and to collaborate on research parks.

The discussion ended with positive outcomes in which both delegates are looking forward into signing a Memorandum of Understanding on areas discussed and they later had an opportunity for a campus tour at the Incubation Centre and Information and Communication Technology laboratory.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Planning, Finance, and Administration Professor. Suzana Augustino has called on girls to believe in themselves and show society the ability they have in doing various things that are productive and useful for the Nation.

Prof. Suzana said this on February 11, 2023, in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science held in Dodoma, while contributing to the debate about "The contribution of scientific innovations of women in bringing sustainable development of the country".

She said that, if the attitude of the family and society is positive will help to raise the girl child and woman's confidence to reach their goals.

"Many girls and women in the science sector have been delayed in achieving their goals due to the attitudes they get from society", so the time has come now to support them" emphasized Prof. Suzana

In addition, she urged women and girls not to give up on their dreams of becoming who they want to become by continuing to hold on to their dreams to reach their goal.

The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology has participated in the celebration of International day for girls and women in Science under the funding of the HEET project by enabling Innovators and scientists to participate in exhibitions where they showcased their products.

The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) signed a memorandum of Understanding with The Aga Khan University (AKU) with the main objectives of exploring complementary research, institutional development, and capacity building toward respective missions.

The signing Ceremony took place at the NM-AIST Board Room on 16th February 2023 and was witnessed by NM-AIST Head of Legal Unit Advocate Matthias Safari.

Speaking during the Ceremony the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics, Research and Innovation Prof. Antony Mshandete on behalf of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Emmanuel Luoga said that, the NM-AIST is looking forward working with AKU for the betterment of society as the partnership between them adheres to NM-AIST motto which is Academia for Society and Industry.

“ the uniqueness of our university is five D business modes to achieve social economic transformation through research and innovation,” said Prof. Mshandete.

On his side, The Aga Khan Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Carl Amrhein said that it requires partnerships like this in responding to global problems that require the creation and nurturing of partnerships by building links across borders and boundaries of all kinds between the public and private sectors; between cultures, countries, and continents; between disciplines and industries.

“I’m happy to say that this partnership is a two-way street. Knowledge is flowing from Nelson Mandela to AKU and vice-versa through sharing AKU Arusha campus land that enables researchers to investigate several important questions” said Dr. Carl Amrhein.

The Memorandum of Understanding between NM-AIST and AKU focus on collaboration with making AKU land available to NM-AIST for research, establishing a long-term mutually beneficial relationship linking natural resources and the environment with human and to co-design and co-develop research, training, and community engagement activities.

On 6th February 2023, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology was visited by the Tanzanian Veterinary Laboratory Agency and Finish partners for familiarisation and to discuss possible areas of collaboration.

Prof Anthony Mshandete explained the current program in collaboration with TVLA on strengthening health and biosecurity in Tanzania by bio-detection capacity building (2014-2023) NM-AIST could be a possible collaborative institution considering the 5D training model approach.

Tanzanian delegates Dr. Zacharia Makondo and Shaban Motto from Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA) with partners from Finland visited the NM-AIST life science laboratory.

Prof Gabriel Shirima explained to visitors the institutional direction is now changed from a 3D model to a 5D model which makes scholars come up with research ideas and innovations to solve industrial and societal problems.

He added that the NM-AIST laboratory is more based on life science and molecular biology, this laboratory is project-based like bush meat, brulluselosses, food safety analysis, and water quality.

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