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Dr. Neema Mduma, a faculty member of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), has been declared one among 20 Young Talents in Sub-Saharan Africa for the L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science International Awards. Dr. Neema’s award is a recognition for her research titled: Data Driven Approach for Predicting Student Dropout in Secondary Schools. In this research, Neema and supervisors (Dr. Khamisi Kalegele and Dr. Dina Machuve) under the sponsorship of AfDB developed a Machine Learning web-based application called “BakiShule” to allow education stakeholders to easily predict and identify students who are at risk of dropping out of school for early intervention.

The selection was based on the quality of the application, scientific excellence in research and ability to communicate and promote science to young people. The 20 Young Talents were chosen among 330 applications by the jury of eminent scientists led by Prof. Nelson Torto, Executive Director of African Academy of Sciences (AAS). To support Young Talents from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Foundation L’Oré al-UNESCO will offer grants to winners, help them continue with their scientific work, with allocations of €10,000 for doctoral students and €15,000 for post-doctoral students. It is another milestone under the NM-AIST belt in embracing the Global Sustainable Goals of promotion women education especially in science for sustainable development.

On 30th September 2020 a delegation from the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) visited the NM-AIST as part of familiarization with the activities and achievements of the institution after a week-long legal-related training in Arusha. The team was able to meet the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel J. Luoga, and were able to discuss a number of issues including the upcoming Forensic language short course, a tailor-made course to the financial institution and Law enforcers of the government especially in this digital era, and some achievements and challenges. After a Courtesy to the Vice Chancellor's office, the delegation had a brief campus tour to the laboratories, the three Centres of Excellency namely: The Africa Centre for Research, Agricultural Advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability (CREATES), Water Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Futures (WISE – Futures) The Centre of Excellence for ICT in East Africa (CENIT@EA) where they were briefed on various activities which are undertaken by the centres including research and innovation activities and ultimately products and solutions generated out of research by students and faculty members.

On behalf of the Delegation, Mr. Serili Denis, the assistant Manager Legal Secretariat Services at BoT expressed his appreciation to the Management of the NM-AIST for carrying out such a vigour mission of transforming Higher Learning Institution to a hub of industrialization through its cutting edge innovations. They were able to see products like Vuruga bio-peptide, a nutritional supplement called Nutrano, Omega 3DHASuperfood, and Anti Plagiarism system of which soon they will undergo mass production/distribution. Members purchased some of the products and later on, they visited the Incubation centre and got a brief overview of its role in taking research and innovation outputs to the market.

By the power Bestowed unto him, the Chancellor of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) and former Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Mohammed Gharib Bilal, on 29th August, 2020, he conferred Masters and PhD degrees to 121 students. Among these students, 85 were conferred Masters while 36 were conferred PhD degrees. The event was held at the Tengeru Campus of the NM-AIST. In his speech, the Chairman of the Council of the NM-AIST Prof. Joseph Rwegasira Buchweishaija thanked the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania under the leadership of President John Pombe Joseph Magufuli for a continued support to the institution which is extended through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology under the special scheme of the Higher Education Students Loans Board to the NM-AIST students. He added that this scheme is one of important support which enables more youngsters to have access to higher education offered by the NM-AIST. More importantly, Prof. Buchweishaija appreciated the government for its political will to work very closely with various development partners who have been funding students in terms of tuition fee, research funding, students and staff exchange programmes which have been an integral part of this achievement.

Prof Rwegasira expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the World Bank for funding two centres of excellence at the NM-AIST, namely: The Africa Centre for Research, Agricultural Advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability (CREATES) and Water Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Futures (WISE – Futures), the African Development Bank(AfDB), and the Germany government through its Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for funding Centre of Excellency of ICT in East Africa (CENIT@EA) and many others for their valuable support to the NM-AIST. The Vice Chancellor of the NM-AIST, Prof. Emmanuel J. Luoga said that, the graduands of this years were properly trained and hence qualified to be awarded various Masters and PhD degree programmes including: Master’s in Life Sciences and Engineering (LiSE), Master’s of Public Health Research (PHR), Master’s in Mathematical and Computer Science and Engineering (MCSE), Master’s in Information and Communication Science and Engineering (ICSE), Others include Master’s in Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE), Master’s in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (HWRE), Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering (MaSE) and Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (SENSE) and

PhD programmes are: PhD in Life Sciences (LiSe), PhD in Life Sciences and Engineering (LiSE), PhD in Life Sciences and Bio Engineering (LSBE) PhD in Mathematics and Computational Science and Engineering (MCSE), together with PhD in Information and Communication Science and Engineering (ICSE), PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (HWRE), PhD in Material Science and Engineering MaSE) and PhD in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (SENSE).

It is the belief of the NM-AIST authorities and the entire community that these students will use their acquired knowledge and skills and experience in innovative and solution oriented research to contribute immensely to the social and economic transformation in their communities, the EAC member states and Africa at large.

On 29th September, 2020, the Council of the NM-AIST conducted its Normal meeting today 25th September 2020 to deliberate for the institutional development.
Prior to, the Council members had training on finance and procurement related matters, the training was followed by a tour which took place on the 24th September.
Among others, the Council received a recently developed Tengeru Campus Masterplan and had some substantial inputs especially on ensuring that the masterplan indicates the core job of Research and Innovation and its consequent of commercialization. Thereafter, Prof. Hulda Swai presented about Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) incubation Centre. The Council members appreciated a wonderful job done by the centre especially taking innovation to the real world through outreach and the contena factory design approach and other efforts made by the institution through its schools, centres, departments, units up to individuals.

Thereafter, the Council members visited the Incubation centre and were able to get informed of the progress and activities undertaken by the Incubation centre through a presentation by Mr. Joseph Swai the IP office Manager, and Research and Innovation Coordinator, Dr. Edna Makule. The Chairman of the Council, Prof. Joseph Rwegasira Buchweishaija appreciated the good job done by the Vice Chancellor and the entire Management in only almost two years since when the new leadership assumed its Responsibilities. Prof. Buchweishaija directed the Management to put clear procedures and formalities on how the institution should start benefiting from the innovation taking place.

''.......I am very happy to see the good job you are doing here and this is what was intended when the authorities thought of establishing this institution, but my worry is... I don't see why we need to sit again and discuss how the institution should benefit from the innovations which come out of its workforce. If someone has done their research under the support of the institution in terms of intellectual and physical resources, they should know that, such innovation is the property of the institution, they only thing to be done is to put clear the shares among actors including the institution...'' He added Prof. Buchweishaija.

The next visit point was at Maksoro water project's tanks and the water source, here Prof. Joseph Rwegasira and all members ware impressed by the efforts made on undertaking such a cost-effective initiative of reliable water to the institution. Members of the Council also applauded the management for this job.

Finally, the Council visited Karangai area, they were able to see the efforts made by the management and students to safeguard the area by planting more than 200 trees along the boundaries of the institutional land and other security measures the chairman argued the Management to continue developing the land and set a budget in order to create an appetite for its intended core uses including attracting potential investors.

On behalf of the Management and entire Community, he Vice chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel Luoga thanked the Chairman and entire Council members for the though appreciation and wise directives for continued improvement, he promised to implement all the directives for the better future of the institution.

NM-AIST is honored to host the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Eas African Cooperations, Dr. Mwinyi Talib Haji during the Tanzania International Model United Nations (TIMUN 2020)

The event has gathered 180participants from Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and UK. under the umbrella of Youth of the United Nations Association (YUNA) set to have their meeting at the NM-AIST from today 29th September to the 2nd of October 2020. During his introductory speech, the Vice Chancellor of the NM-AIST highlighted that through its teaching, research, and innovation activities NM-AIST feed to 12 of the Global Sustainable Development Goals including ending hunger, promoting self-employment through turning innovations into viable business products and services, sustainable energy, and supporting industrialization. Youth were asked to tap on the opportunity to study at the NM-AIST in order to have a remarkable impact on the SDGs.

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