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The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) through School of Business Studies and Humanities (BuSH) host a crucial roundtable discussion to explore collaboration opportunities among NM-AIST, the Carson College of Business at Washington State University, managing directors of tourism companies, chairpersons of Tanzanian local tour operators, and leaders of the Tanzania Association of Women in Tourism (TAWTO).

The discussion was expertly moderated by Prof. Dipra Jha from WSU, a distinguished visiting professor at the School of Business and a recent inclusion in the list of the 100 most influential people in the USA within the hospitality and travel sphere for 2023.

One of the primary issues highlighted during the discourse was the scarcity of professional expertise and skills within the tourism and hospitality industries. This deficiency not only leads to an imbalance in employment opportunities favouring foreign over local employees in managerial and professional roles but also undermines the competitive advantage of local companies in the market. Consequently, there was a unanimous agreement on the imperative need for enhanced collaboration between NM-AIST and the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Outlined in the discussion were three important areas to initiate collaboration efforts: pooling resources for capacity-building and empowerment programs, facilitating knowledge exchange through diverse channels involving staff, students, and industry practitioners, and organizing annual workshops aimed at convening all stakeholders within the tourism and hospitality landscape.

Acknowledging and commending the engagement of the private sector represented by Zohar African Safaris, Wild Pride, Royal Travel, Nansapu Adventures, Mrembo Safaris, and Tanzaniaa Travel Limited the Dean of the School of BuSH Prof. Liliane Pasape extended a warm invitation for further collaboration. The call extended to tackling challenges affecting their businesses or member companies and actively participating in capacity-building initiatives.

Additionally, the Chairperson of Tanzania Local Tour Operators Mr. Samuel Diah expressed gratitude to NM-AIST for orchestrating the highly productive roundtable discussion. Encouragement was also extended for increased private involvement in academic pursuits and research activities.

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