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The Appointed Students Organization Leaders argued to observe good governance.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Maulilio Kipanyula emphasized the importance of good governance and the use of proper channels to the elected leaders of NM-AIST Student Organizations in addressing challenges among their fellow students.

Prof. Kipanyula made these remarks during the inauguration ceremony of the newly appointed student organization leaders on November 2,2023. He advised the organization’s leadership to focus on vision, integrity, financial discipline, and quality.

“Students are crucial part of NM-AIST as an academic institution, and student leaders should act as a bridge between students and management “stated Prof. Kipanyula.

The Vice Chancellor encouraged the elected leaders to improve the welfare of students, making NM-AIST more appealing destination for those pursuing master’s and PhD programs.

The elected President, Mr. Marco, expressed his gratitude to his fellow students and promise to adhere to Nm-AIST’s rules and regulations.

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