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On 6th February 2023, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology was visited by the Tanzanian Veterinary Laboratory Agency and Finish partners for familiarisation and to discuss possible areas of collaboration.

Prof Anthony Mshandete explained the current program in collaboration with TVLA on strengthening health and biosecurity in Tanzania by bio-detection capacity building (2014-2023) NM-AIST could be a possible collaborative institution considering the 5D training model approach.

Tanzanian delegates Dr. Zacharia Makondo and Shaban Motto from Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA) with partners from Finland visited the NM-AIST life science laboratory.

Prof Gabriel Shirima explained to visitors the institutional direction is now changed from a 3D model to a 5D model which makes scholars come up with research ideas and innovations to solve industrial and societal problems.

He added that the NM-AIST laboratory is more based on life science and molecular biology, this laboratory is project-based like bush meat, brulluselosses, food safety analysis, and water quality.

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