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The Signing Consortium Agreements for the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (N M-AIST), Innovation Based Incubation Centre was officiated on Monday 20th September, 2021 by the Vice Chancellor of NM-AIST Prof. Emmanuel Luoga whereby FOUR Incubators signed FIVE agreements which were also witnessed by the Institutional Legal Officer Advocate Mathias Safari, promising to implement the goals they have set for themselves now and in the future.

Prof. Luoga said that basing on the perceptive and future direction of NM-AIST Research and Innovation projects, strategic objectives will be able to bring about changes and positive attitude within the Institution including the establishment of Postgraduate skills and development programs and to support the existing centers to establish more incubation hubs.

He also insisted on facilitating local, external and International collaborators through the Mandela Investment Company (MIC) which has been recently established and hence fulfills the Institutional goal of “Academia for Society and Industry”.

In His keynote address, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Institute, Academic Research and innovation (ARI) Professor Anthony Mshandete emphasized on the development of innovative research within NM-AIST and the need to focus on research that will bring productivity and solve problems to the society.

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