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Student organization is an organization within a university established by Tanzania Universities Act No 7 of 2005 section 49. We understand and believe that only a diligent students’ organization run democratically by the Students who will be completely responsible to students themselves and hence serve their interests to its best level.

Objectives of the Organization

  1. To promote and maintain students’ interests during their tenure at the Institution;
  2. To establish a proper organizational basis for communication between the Institution authorities and students as well as maintaining harmonious relations between students and academic members of staff; the Institute administration, non-academic staff, and the community in general;
  3. To maintain and promote fraternal relations with students in other institutions and alliances of higher learning in Tanzania, Africa and the World at large;
  4. To perform duties and exercise all powers vested in or conferred on the Students Organization by or under any provisions of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology Charter of 2013 and the subsequent amendment made thereon;
  5. To act as an intermediary between students and the Institution Administration, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and all other students’ sponsors, through the NM-AIST Administration;
  6. To promote and maintain tranquility, democracy and co-operation among students of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology regardless of their differences, nationalities and other diversities; and
  7. To facilitate student’s participation in interesting national and international contemporary issues.

Membership and Obligation

  1. Every student of the Institution shall be a member and shall be deemed to have become a member of the student’s organization upon his/her registration as a student, and his/her membership shall cease upon the cessation of his/her registration as student.
  2. Every member shall pay an annual subscription fee as may be prescribed from time to time by the SRC.

Organs of the Organization

  1. Students’ Baraza;
  2. Students Representative Council (SRC);
  3. Cabinet;
  4. Arbitration Board;
  5. Hostel Assembly; and
  6. School / Departmental Assembly


  1. Students’ Baraza (Two Ordinary Meetings, each per Semester)
  2. SRC Meeting (Two Ordinary Meetings, each per Semester)
  3. Hostel Assembly (Two Ordinary Meetings, each per Semester)
  4. School/Department Assembly (Two Ordinary Meetings, each per Semester)


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